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                         October 16, 2001

             The Top 9 Fortune Cookie Fortunes for Pets

 9> The Beagle of Happiness will sniff with delight at your butt.

 8> Someone thinks you're the special.

 7> The hand that throws the ball does not always let go of 
    the ball.

 6> The lowly cricket is both good tasting and less filling.

 5> Nine lives only useful if one is Cat or Buddhist.

 4> The path to true enlightenment is at the end of your tail.

 3> Marking territory should be your Number One priority.

 2> Loose lips lose bones.

    and the Number 1 Fortune Cookie Fortune for Pets...

 1> A journey of a thousand miles begins with being put 
    in a crate.

              [   Copyright 2001 by Chris White    ]
              [       ]

Selected from 40 submissions from 16 contributors.
Today's Top5 Pets List authors are:
Martin Bredeck, Hybla Valley, VA  -- 1, 6, 8 (Purr-fecta!)(2nd #1)
Mark Weiss, Austin, TX            -- 2
Bill Strider, Gaithersburg, MD    -- 3, Banner tag
Brian E. Foster, Fairfax, VA      -- 4
Kathy Good, Phoenix, AZ           -- 5
Adam Chunn, Houston, TX           -- 7, Topic
James Knowles, Bellingham, WA     -- 9
Mary Ann McDonald, Sacramento, CA -- Runner Up list name
Sandra Hull, Arlington, VA        -- List Vet

                 Fortune Cookie Fortunes for Pets
           RUNNERS UP list  --  Confucius says: "'NO!"

Claws on blinds, wake up time.  Claws on drapes, owner irate!
          (Adam Chunn, Houston, TX)

Joyful tidings are yours! As today's journey ends, you will find
it was "clean-litter" day.
          (Mary Ann McDonald, Sacramento, CA)

Opportunity knocks -- and the cupboard holding catnip mice 
will be open!
          (Mary Ann McDonald, Sacramento, CA)

Someone we know will be in heat next week.  Keep your butt 
indoors, girlfriend.
          (Mark Weiss, Austin, TX)

The world is your sparkling clean toilet bowl.  (Dogs only)
          (Dawson E. Rambo, Santa Rosa, CA)

What the--  How the hell did you get into this cookie with no 
opposable thumbs?
          (Brian E. Foster, Fairfax, VA)

Where there being baby, milk is nearby.
          (Brian E. Foster, Fairfax, VA)

Woof!  Woof woof woof woof woof! (in bed)
          (Jim Goldman, Horsham, PA)

You are going on a long journey with your head out the car window.
          (Dave Ferry, Leesburg, VA)

You are the most perfect creature on Earth, but then you're 
a cat: you already know this.
          (James Knowles, Bellingham, WA)

You feel like you're running in circles. (Hamsters only)
          (Dawson E. Rambo, Santa Rosa, CA)

Runner Up list name
          (Mary Ann McDonald, Sacramento, CA)

[      Copyright 2001 by Chris White   All rights reserved.      ]
[           Do not forward, publish, broadcast, or use           ]
[          in any manner without crediting ""         ]