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                    A tail waggin' good time!

                           July 7, 2003

                     NOTE FROM THE LIST VET:

    New York City dog owners can take their stressed-out pups
   to a city park for monthly classes in yoga. You heard. Yoga.
For dogs. "Doga." The reasoning is that traditional yoga poses
are based on animal movements anyway. Here's a list of some of
          the poses we imagine those pooches are doing.

                      The Top 9 "Doga" Poses

 9> Lotus of Joy: Wrap forelegs around master's leg just above 
    knee, flex hips. Repeat.

 8> Pretzel: Sit on haunches and curl around until you can touch 
    the tip of your tongue to your genitals with your head tucked 
    under your leg and one paw in the air.

 7> Nidra of Rotation: Turn in a circle three times, then lie 

 6> Make the Owners Paranoid: Sit motionless and stare at a spot 
    on the wall until forced to move.

 5> Vet: Jaw on floor, quivering knees, blank stare, limp paw on
    empty wallet, and the dog looks unhappy too.

 4> Dingle Berry: Plant ass on carpet and scoot.

 3> Yippy Dog: Very Difficult. Hyper little dog must remain
    motionless in any position for seven full seconds.

 2> Pranayama of Discovery: Working with a partner, place nose at
    base of partner's tail and inhale.

                 and the Number 1 "Doga" Pose...

 1> Snoop Dogg: Get vertical, front paws against the wall and rear
    paws apart.

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Stephen Dudzik, Olney, MD       -- 1, 8 (Attaboy! 1st #1)
RW Lipp, Lenexa, KS             -- 2, 7, 9 (Purr-fecta!)
James Knowles, Bellingham, WA   -- 3, 5
Rabbi Crut, Bowling Green, OH   -- 4, 6
Brad Wilkerson, El Sobrante, CA -- 9
Kim Moser, New York, NY         -- Topic
Bill Strider, Gaithersburg, MD  -- Banner Tag
Sandra Hull, Arlington, VA      -- List Vet

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