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Jeffrey Anbinder

will answer to: Beeeej
last known address: New York, NY
web site:
day job: Development Officer for Columbia University
owned by: Two orange cats - SoCo (Maine Coon) and Kismet (dom. short-hair).
family unit: Nope!
seen in these other top5 products / humor sites:
Top Five Contrib; I edit and distribute all the Little Fivers; I moderate the Music Fiver; and I write for Pets, Health, Law, Sports, Sex, Internet, and Food
if i could be any kind of animal i would be...
I'd be a duck-billed platypus, just so I can respond by saying "That's 'Duck-Williamed' to you, please" every now and then.
pet superhero name: My whuhuh?
i also wanna share... This homemade fudge!
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