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The List Vet

The List Vet (left) and her siblings, circa 1984. We've all grown older but not up.
will answer to: Sandra Hull, Xandra, Hey You
last known address: Arlington, VA
web site:
day job: Worrier Princess Battling the Evil Demons of Stupidity
owned by:
Jethro Hull (l) and Esme (r)
seen in these other top5 products / humor sites:
Top Five List, The Daily Probe, Little Fivers (Kids, TV, Medicine, Internet, Sex, Food, Office Life, Movies), Washington Post Style Invitational, The Daily Quiz
if i could be any kind of animal i would be...
All the guys at school called me a dog, but spiritually and mentally I'm more of a cat person.
pet superhero name: Chihuahuonder Woman. Yes, I said I was a cat person, but I really like to say "chihuahua"
i also wanna say... Be excellent to each other. Oh, and please don't call me "Sandy". I HATE that.
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