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Richard W. Lipp

will answer to: The large one who brings food when the smaller cuter ones forget which is way too often which is why the cuter big one keeps saying she will banish me to place where food is provided by little ones who do a much better job of it and where did we go wrong...
last known address: Lenexa, Kansas
day job: Information Systems Manager of a heavy construction and sand sales company
owned by: Currently only Friskle the ferret. Negotiations on additional pets are ongoing, but there will be NO cats in this household.
family unit: Wife-Linda, 2 daughters-Jessy & Mary.
seen in these other top5 products / humor sites:
Office Life Little Fiver, used to write Ruminations, also occasional contributor to The New Millennium National Star Inquirer of the Midnight Dusk Petrol.
if i could be any kind of animal i would be...
Dragon. No, not komodo, I mean the real thing, with leathery wings and piles of gold and flaming breath and all that neat stuff. Just not the part about a valiant knight killing me.
pet superhero name: Fritz the Amazing Wonder Dog. Well, I don't know about "Superhero", unless you call being a mediocre bowler a super power.
i also wanna say... I have found that there are two sayings which serve me well. By keeping them at mind, little is capable of amazing me:

"Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."

"Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence."

[Quick Quiz: Banana yogurt treat to the first person who identifies the source of either quote.]

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