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Mark Weiss

Mark in 1984, following a marathon. He assures us he hasn't aged a bit in the interim.
will answer to: Ringmaster
last known address: Austin, Texas
day job: Lawyer
owned by: Age and autos cut cat population from 7 to 1 in just three years, so we will soon be acquiring more. Also feed raccoons and the occasional dog.
family unit: Wife practices law in Austin. Son 1 practices law in Dallas. Son 2 is three years old and does not practice law.

Young Spencer is at that age where he parrots everything back...
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if i could be any kind of animal i would be...
Mountain lion. Dunno why; it just sounds cool.
pet superhero name: Super Can Opener
i also wanna say... Reasoning with teenagers is like trying to herd housecats: it wastes your time and annoys the cats.
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